I need these medicinal looking women to spend about 48 hours making me gorgeous again. Work is rather intense at the moment and I have spots, yes, spots. My roots need doing and my nails are a mess. I need to be dipped in a vat of wax, pummelled with massage, hair coloured and cut, a facial and a mani/pedi.

Today I had five minutes free at work and so I spent them usefully. I booked in for a Bliss Spa Fully Loaded facial. I got a very generous Bliss gift card for my birthday so it's free! I am very excited about it, especially the Hair Dew treatment. I am going next weekend.

Then I booked a leg wax - not very exciting but the South of France calls and I can't turn up looking like a yeti. I booked in for a cut and colour with my hairdresser too. I call that five minutes very well spent. I topped it off with buying a pair of shoes online.

Sometimes you need to just spend money on yourself. Now I am 21, this is more important than ever...


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