Soap & Glory - Make Yourself Youthful

I know I said that I couldn't be bothered with the Clinique Laser Focus but since buying VitaZing I have been using it every morning as it gives a little extra something under the tinted moisturiser and it's been a success. However, I still think £45 a throw is steep. Yesterday I was browsing Boots (is there a better way to spend 20 minutes on a saturday?) and I noticed this so I bought it on a whim. There is currently an offer with a third off all S&G products so it was a steal.

I used it last night and this morning and I can't see how the Clinique one is any better to be honest. Also, this one smells nicer. I shall be keeping a close eye and reporting back naturally.

In other news VitaZing is magnificent and is my top find of the year so far. Run, don't walk, and buy it. You won't regret it.


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