Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

I reported that I bought this in Burgundy last week. I've had a week to get used to it and here is my review. People rave about this mascara (not necessarily the Burgundy colour) and say it's the best mascara out there. I am sceptical about this claim. I think it's pretty good, it applies very nicely, it gives you nicely plumped up lashes but at £22, it's not exactly ground-breaking. It doesn't do anything Max Factor Masterpiece Max can't do.

I wouldn't buy it again based on all round mascara performance, however the colour is magnificent. It's hard to explain what a difference it makes, just so much softer but in a much more interesting way than a brown mascara. It looks fabulous with grey/green/brown eye shadow. In fact, I imagine it looks great with all eye shadow.

It freaked me out a bit when I removed it on day one and my cotton wool pad was purple. When it flakes (and all mascara does on me after 12 hours) it flakes with little purple bits. I am so used to black that I found this very novel.

If there was a cheaper mascara in this exact shade (and it's quite a deep purple, not a bright one) then I'd buy that. If there isn't, I shall have to buy this again when it runs out.


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