Revealing the rosy you - yes, even in January

Post Christmas I was looking a little less than my best. One expects the extra weight but I was looking very grey. Usually I would use the fabulous Elemis mask that I have already discussed.

But something stronger was called for. Since I had spent £90 on perfume, I decided to root through products I already had. And found this little baby. Estee Lauder Idealist MicroD. It's some sort of thermal scrub. Basically you apply it to damp skin, rub it around gently while it warms the skin and rinse off.

Well. It was a bit more powerful than I remembered! I was very pink afterwards. But so smooth. It genuinely did reveal the glowing me just waiting to burst out. And this week I've not needed my tinted moisturiser (usually a must in grey winter).

So, two lessons here. Remember to look at what you already own. And it is possible to have good skin in January!


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