New Year, New Products

I don't hold with this notion that one should deprive oneself in January. It's the most depressing month of the year (well, apart from February) and why would you actively make yourself MORE miserable?

Not for me. I don't do deprivation. I have plenty of new things to talk about. I am going to begin with my reawakening of love of perfume. In the sale I bought a book called Perfumes - The Guide. It is a wonderful book. It reviews thousands of perfumes giving ratings from 1 star to 5 and explains the history, the notes etc. It was not good for my bank balance to buy this because I immediately wanted about 10 new perfumes. Why did I not have a Guerlain perfume in my life? It had to be remedied and soon. So I went to the Harrods beauty hall and had a lovely half hour with the chic French Guerlain lady.

I bought l'Heure Bleue. Some will tell you this is an old woman's scent. I couldn't disagree more. Plus, I think old women know about scent! It's simply divine and just gets better the longer you wear it. It isn't my usual sort of perfume but what's the point buying the sort of thing you always buy?

Anyway, that wasn't enough to satisfy me so a few days later I went to Peter Jones and bought Mitsouko. Classic chypre it says in my bible. Also gorgeous. So now I am wafting around smelling satisfyingly expensive and gorgeous.

I really believe that with perfume, it's good to visit the old favourites. There is lots more I can say about perfume so I will revisit the topic in the future.


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