Ragdale Hall Pamper Bath Essence

I don't understand people who don't bathe. The joy of sinking into a bath, especially at this time of year, is heavenly. Sometimes I spend all day dreaming about when I can get into the bath.

Sometimes you just want something soft and fluffy that smells of expensive hotels. This fits the bill. Available from M&S for £7.50, it's almost perfect. To make it truly perfect, I add essential oils and my current obsession is with Marjoram.

Tisserand oils are the best. We have lots of them and they all smell divine. A few drops of this in the bubble bath with the aforementioned bath essence and it's bath heaven. Add an oil burner with the marjoram oil as well, a decent book and I can be in there for a good hour.  Baths make February bearable.


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