Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil

My feet are currently on a sabbatical. I am giving them a break from nail polish as my toe nails are really dry. I have other foot issues that I won't bore you with but I was told to give them a break over winter. I'm not going to lie, I HATE IT! But I am also strangely fascinated as I watch my toe nails regain their rosy glow.

Being me, I am treating this like a project. I am buffing my feet with a foot file with a religious devotion and I treated myself to this oil. And good lord, it's amazing. It smells like expensive essential oils but with a medicinal edge to it. It soaks in properly, especially after a bath. But it's not oily on the feet, it just absorbs beautifully. I feel I can sit and spray it on for ages and it would keep soaking in. I am rubbing it into my nails and watching them literally look less dry under my eye.

Yes, it is £22 and that's a lot for a foot product but feet get us everywhere, I say give them a treat. It also will last for a while as you don't need much, unless like me, you become addicted.


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