Badedas Original Indulgent Bath Gelee

This cold weather is made for long hot baths, sitting in the front of the fire, and plenty of toast with tea. I am indulging on all fronts because brrrrrrrrrrr.

I found myself buying this at the weekend. My mum used to have this and talk about being transported back to the 80s! I put some in my bath and could almost feel 16 again. Guess what? I am delighted to report that this product is still fabulous. It turns the water green (bonus), it smells heavenly and it makes the whole house smell gorgeous. My husband asked me, did you just have a bath with Badedas? Such is the power of this scent, even he recognised it.

It comes in a pointless box which is annoying in today's environmentally conscious world but other than that, I can find no fault. I am planning lots of baths over the next week so I can be a jolly green giant.


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