Simplehuman sensor mirror aka the magic mirror

Before we begin, this is expensive and you're going to want it. I am going to say it upfront and I am sorry except I am not because this could change your life. I've waited four years to splurge on this because every time I went to buy it, I couldn't quite justify £159 on a mirror.

I've had mine for four days and I am obsessed with it. This is a big magnifying mirror with natural light built in on a sensor. I have a huge mirror in my dressing room/office and very pretty it is too but putting make-up on in the depths of winter is something of a challenge, I switch on every light and still end up squinting at myself in the dimness thinking, is that blended? Do I look like a clown? Sometimes I've thought, no, it's all good and then sallyed forth into the world only to realise it wasn't good.

All that is a thing of the past. You sit down, the mirror lights up beautifully and off you go. Honestly, it's genius. Yes, it's expensive but worth it. If you already have great light at your dressing table or equivalent) then you don't need this. If you are in your 40s with your eyesight perhaps not what it was and having to get ready when the sun hasn't risen then I would say this investment is worth every single penny.

I bought it, and some Zelens acid pads, from Cult Beauty and then qualified for a free box of tons of goodies. I don't need them all so I am selling some and making about £60 or so back. Others will be gifts. There is often a way to fund what you need.

It charges with a USB cable and the charge lasts about five weeks. My only regret is waiting four years.


Jenni said…
I agree! Though I bought mine over 2 years ago and haven't regretted for a SINGLE day since. It's fab for seeing dirt that normal mirrors don't show when you're doing a really good acid cleanse as well as makeup application. My mascara application has been wonderful since this! Oh pea, you are fab! xxx
Cover Girl said…
I should have known you'd have one of these! xx

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