Beauty gift ideas

I am not going to mention the C word. But it's November and today I soaked the fruit for my cake ready to bake it tomorrow. It's coming. I'm sorry but it is and if, like me, you simply feel exhausted at the thought, allow me to cheer you up with some beauty gift ideas. They can be for you after all.

The NARS Man Ray collection. I need none of it and probably wouldn't use it but look. Look at this and tell me you don't want it.

This limited edition Chanel nail polish makes my pulse race. It's basically British Racing Green. Divine.

I want this hand cream. I want to hold it and love it for the rest of my life.

 Sparkly red or gold nail varnish by the best in the business. Yes please.

The Dyptique holiday candles are always something to get excited about although I have found my perfect Dyptique candles now, having tried pretty much all of them. This one for the living room, and this one for my study (since you ask). But these are beautiful.

I bought a beauty box (yes, I am obsessed with beauty boxes) and this came in it (full-size) plus many other things that made it SUCH good value. Get into beauty boxes, they are amazing. Anyway, this serum is annoyingly good. It feels like you are putting water on your face.
I bought this tinted lip salve a few months ago and it's so good. I take it everywhere and it comes in three shades.

Early doors. I'll be back with more ideas in the coming weeks.

While I am here, I would like to recommend Dynasty on Netflix, it's trash TV of the highest order but the clothes and make-up are to die for.


MissDisco said…
Ooh, new look blog. Nice
MissDisco said…
Which beauty box do you use?
Cover Girl said…
I don't have a subscription, I look out for ones that seem good. For example, I got this one, it was £100 and it's amazing:

I also spend enough to get the Cult Beauty box if it looks good. I stock up on staples like the Zelens pads which are expensive.
Jenni said…
Adore the new look blog. Well done! xxx
Cover Girl said…
Thank you Jenni and MissDisco. I'd like to say it took me hours but it's simply a template in Blogger!
Sally said…
That second NARS palette is particularly gorgeous.

Have you looked at advent calendars? I pushed the boat out and got a Clarins one. It came with 9 additional travel sized items that I could choose and I got so many loyalty points by buying online that my next tube of gel cleanser (I still love it) will be basically free, so actually I was saving money by buying it.
Cover Girl said…
Hi Sally, I simply can't bring myself to order a beauty calendar. They are gorgeous but I have had so many boxes this year.

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