Huda Beauty

The future belongs to millennial bloggers whether we like it or not. It's hard for me to keep up with all the trends, what's in and out beauty-wise. Beauty has always been big business but in the last few years it has exploded. Everyone is an expert now. Savvy consumers read all the fine print and look at ingredient lists like a hawk. Mineral oil is out (for some), hyaluronic acid is the bees knees for moisturised skin. I know the basics but I am no expert. I like what I like and read up before making any serious investments in wonder products.

Those beauty bloggers who really know what they are doing now have their own lines. And that brings me to this post. Huda Kattan started as a blogger and now has her own make-up range. I'd never heard of her until I started seeing all the hype around this eye palette.

Desert dusk palette. I am not buying it because I am nowhere near good enough with eye make-up to use this how Huda intended but it's so pretty. It's a thing of great beauty and it's everywhere. Huda has world-class PR.

This is gorgeous too:

This is the textured shadows palette.  Both cost £56 which, for 18 colours, is pretty good value if you know you will use them all. And they are beautiful and would look divine on the dressing table.

My heart belongs to the desert one.


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