Soaper Duper shower gels

You can buy these in Tesco or Liberty and that's it. Or online. Utterly weird. If you buy them online, you have to buy a lot of them and so that's what I did. I bought five bottles and a mini bottle in a package for £32.50. It was a risk, what if I hated them?

It was unlikely, these have rave reviews from people I trust online. So far I've tried the Zesty Lemon and the Rich & Creamy Shea Butter. Both are very nice but the shea butter is completely gorgeous. It smells like heaven. I use it in the bath and then sniff myself like a lunatic for the next hour.

I can't wait to try the Zingy Ginger but I am not opening them all at once so I shall have to be patient. The packaging isn't much but the quality of these are excellent and I highly recommend. As the nights draw in (clocks go back this weekend - HOW?), we all need a cheap and cheerful pick me up.


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