This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

Summer? What summer? Let's not discuss this weather.

The word 'miracle' is bandied about in beauty and frankly, very little is really miraculous. However, this stuff lives up to its name. A friend recommended it and her legs always look good so I splashed out (it's £37 so it is not cheap) and I haven't looked back. I have got bored of applying fake tan that develops, it's just too high maintenance and the smell. Even when they say they don't smell, they do.

With this, you rub it in and go. It's a gorgeous texture and is a cinch to apply. It's scarily dark when it comes out but blends into a soft very light tan that somehow makes your legs look 100% better. I recommend this for everything, if you're wearing a skirt, if you're about to hit the beach, if you want to feel better about life. It doesn't come off until you wash it off so no worries about staining your clothes or it rinsing off in the monsoon.

I can honestly say, it's made my life better. And that's what beauty products are ALL about. Recommended.


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