Liquid exfoliators

Liquid exfoliators contain various acids to slough away old skin cells and reveal the glowing you underneath. They can be used twice a day and one must always use a SPF in the day because they can leave your skin more likely to burn.

Scary sounding right? Acid is going to burn my skin! I was determined to find out more when I read Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes and she talked about them at length and said how good they were.

I started with a Clinique one. Note, it has no number on it. The ones with numbers on them are very harsh. Almost everyone I know went through the Clinique three-step system in their early 20s and have horror stories. This one is gentle.

I have used Liquid Gold which gets ALL the love on the internet.

I am currently using Pixi Glow Tonic.

The last two I got in free gift boxes when I bought other things so they were not full size. However, they were very generously sized and lasted me for weeks of daily use.

Clinique is fine but nothing especially earth shattering happens. I was impressed with Liquid Gold which made my skin smoother and more even. I am less impressed with the Glow Tonic which might be better for younger skin. I can't see much difference.

Then I read more about acid pads and I was drawn in. A friend at work waxed lyrical about them. Yesterday I decided it was time to invest having researched the field thoroughly. They are simply pre-soaked pads with liquid exfoliator as far as I can tell but they get a lot of love.

There are a lot of acid pads out there and they come at various price points. I opted for the Zelens ones.

I used one last night and wow. I can already tell these are a game-changer. They work like magic. I was peering at my skin in amazement, smooth, silky and instantly better. 50 for £65. OUCH. They say use twice a day but I don't plan to as that's a little indulgent. 

If you are not using a liquid exfoliator, I recommend trying them. The Pixi one is £18. Clinique is £16.  Liquid Gold is £33.50.  All would last you for ages. None are as transformative as the Zelens pads though. Sorry.


Jenni said…
I am intrigued *taps lips with index finger thoughtfully...

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