Aesop Parsley Seed Cleanser

It turns out my shoulder injury was a broken shoulder. I walked around with a broken shoulder and I didn't even know it so I couldn't milk it. Words fail me.  I had to endure a MRI scan (urgh, yuk), another scan and a cortisone injection. It was not my favourite 90 minutes and so as I lay in the MRI coffin trying not to panic I planned what I would buy in Selfridges when I emerged from this ordeal.

I went for some more Aesop handwash since I am now spoiled and nothing else is as nice. I also got the parsley seed face wash. I dithered over the oil version but I have other cleansing oils and sometimes you want a foamer. I love this. Aesop stuff just smells like total heaven. It cleanses very nicely, rinses off easily and leaves your skin all soft and glowy.

I also bought another YSL nail varnish because the brush makes it so easy to do a  good manicure. And with my loot I swept off to work to bore everyone about my broken shoulder.


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