Fortifying Green Bath Potion

"Destress the mind and relieve aches and pains." I am a sucker for anything bath-related that claims to relieve aches and pains. This gets a lot of love and inevitably it ended up being ordered by me. It's expensive and the bottle is not big. I had a bath with it yesterday after my first session with my personal trainer this year.

It's very nice indeed. It's not an oily oil, just lovely and light. It smells like heaven and makes your whole house smell like heaven. It clears all airways and feels incredibly medicinal. I liked it very much and recommend it. However, it's £27 and I reckon you'd get 10 baths from it. Put like that, it doesn't sound too expensive but you could get a bottle of Radox for a fraction of the price. Mind you, this is far superior to Radox. If you are feeling achey, fed up, need revitalising and love your baths then you need this. Sorry but you just do.


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