Chanel Cristalle

I've not bought a new perfume for months. I've been deliberately trying to use up what I have. Which is a lesson in futility because my perfume will easily outlive me.

Sometimes I look at my collection and still find myself wondering why I don't have quite what I am in the mood for. I have just returned from a work trip to India and I found myself convinced I didn't have the right scent for hot weather. Clearly this is nonsense but once an idea is in my head, it's hard to shift. Coupled with the boring sore shoulder saga, the fact that I had an exhausting schedule ahead of me and duty-free at Terminal 5 Heathrow and my resistance stood no chance.

I now have the wonderful Perfumes book on my Kindle. It comes in handy when you are wandering the endless Duty Free choices thinking, now what is it I wanted to try next? I find myself drawn to the classics these days. New perfumes are never as good as the old masters. I think it's much classier to wear something vintage and two houses do vintage like no other: Guerlain and Chanel. I've tried all the Guerlain I want to try for now. Mitsouko is my go to there. Chanel always entrances me. No 5 is still wonderful but I wanted something lighter. So I tried Cristalle and I fell in love. This is perfect freshness in a bottle that manages to be so much more than an 'air freshener' scent. It's green and light but it has complexity and depth. I bought the parfum because eau de toilette is a waste of time on me.

And I am very happy with it. It will be perfect as we enter Spring. We are entering Spring aren't we? After 10 days of 30 degree weather I am not sure I can cope with much more cold weather.


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