John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume Treatment

India Knight recommended this a while ago in her Sunday Times beauty column. It was sold out for ages in the various Boots I went into which intrigued me. When it finally was back in stock, I bought a bottle.

Now then, I don't have fine hair but I figured, neither does India. Her father is Indian and (sweeping generalisation coming up) Indians have sumptuous hair. Thick and lustrous. She raved about this saying it just made her hair better. Who doesn't want better hair?

I've held back from sharing my thoughts on this as I wanted to give it a good go. So three applications in (you're only meant to use it every 3-4 washes) and my verdict is ready. It works. It's a bit strange, it feels odd when you put it on, a bit like plastic. You leave it in for 3-5 mins (which is a bore when you are in the shower but I use that time to exfoliate properly) and then rinse out. When you first blow dry your hair, you see no difference whatsoever. But the next day, I definitely saw a more volume. It somehow makes my hair easier to manage while adding subtle volume.

It's £9.99 surely it's worth a shot at that price? It's not going to change your life like a Parlux hairdryer but I plan to keep using it.


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