More Charlotte Tilbury

I decided to try some Charlotte make-up. I bought two products. Firstly, this blusher.

Cheek to Chic in Love Glow. I am disappointed, it's ok but it's quite hard to be subtle with this, it's full on PINK! I feel somewhat of a clown in it. And this is the thing about Charlotte Tilbury, she's like the antithesis of Bobbi Brown. She doesn't do subtle. It's more put your make-up on with a trowel. I read an interview in this month's Red magazine where she said her husband had never seen her without make-up on. That's just sad.

On a brighter note, I also got this:

A 'colour morphing eye shadow pencil' in Amber Haze. This is very nice, easy to work with, a pleasing colour and good lasting power. However, I think there are other eye pencils out there as good and don't cost £19. Sephora do a whole range of them in every colour you can imagine and they are about $12.

So I am underwhelmed. However, as I have said before, she has her marketing nailed. I bought the eye pencil in Leeds and had a lot of fun playing with everything. Her counters are really well thought out.


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