Prepping for the yacht

Darlings, tomorrow I fly off to the Med to spend a week on a yacht. You have no idea how much I love typing that sentence. We are sailing round Ibiza, lounging, drinking cocktails and sunbathing. I cannot wait.

A serious sunning holiday requires prep to avoid the first day, oh my god my skin is white, scaly and scary, blues. I have been prepping for about a month now. Truth be told, I never stop prepping for summer. I adore summer, it's totally my season. I don't ever want to feel caught out by it. So I exfoliate all year round, I have pedicures throughout winter on the basis that it's grim enough and my feet may as well look pretty to me as I bathe, and I moisturise religiously.

But that's not enough when the prospect of wearing swimwear is staring down the barrel at you. So I bought this:

It's a Korean Magic Peeling mitt. Read about it (and then buy one) here. No messy scrubs necessary, just scrub away with this in the shower and smooth skin is yours. It is actually magic. I love it and it's £4. It was sold out for weeks so when it finally came back in stock I bought two. I am considering buying more (they don't last forever) so I am stocked up.

I've been laying on the Kiehls Creme De Corps which is the best body moisturiser I've ever used. And I have been applying my trusty Clarins self tan gel every other day.

I really rate this. Of all the self tans, it's the easiest to use, it gives a very natural colour and it only slightly smells. I invested in a St Tropez tanning mitt which has been the best fiver I've spent for some time. Why I didn't get one of these years ago, I shall never know.

Last week I bought Olay's Everyday Sunshine after Sali Hughes recommended it and I now have a light glow on my face. This is a bargain product, non-greasy, no biscuit smell and very subtle.

Today I has a Shellac manicure in a neon orange which I am very pleased with. It's all shiny and fabulous. I had a pedicure in the week in my new YSL colour I told you about.

I am exhausted, I totally need this holiday. It's hard work being fabulous isn't it? My husband has simply packed 11 t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, trunks and a fishing rod. I am definitely coming back as a man in my next life.


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