When life hands you lemons, in Mallorca, hit the Chanel counter. I didn't win the lottery but I came into a little bit of cash so I spent it like any right-minded girl would. On Chanel. I had a splurge and honestly, I am loving ALL of it.

I had to buy this nail colour - look at the name! I am sporting it on my hands right now and I love it. Chanel does colours so well and despite their reputation for chipping, I am on day four with this and not a chip in sight.

I tried with other serums but once you've had Chanel, it's hard to go back. I tried cheap and mid-range serums but none come close to the level of comfort this serum gives. It's like you can feel it plumping up your skin.

Love the Olay one but love this one more. The most natural looking tan ever and it genuinely smells nice.

I've been wanting to try this for a while. It's a powder to whip out and look glam with. Divine in all respects.
No 5 joy. Parfum not toilette. Heavenly decadent.

Chanel really does make the world a better place.


Jenni said…
As you know (but probably don't lay awake thinking about at night), I am a devotee of this Chanel serum. however, they are renewing the version I've always used with one with micro beads in. I'm trying it at the moment and it still sinks in effortlessly and leaves me feeling moisturised (before I've even put any moisturiser on). Absolutely love it. Now want that nail varnish. NOW. xxx
Cover Girl said…
I thought of you as I bought it - honest! It is just wondrous.

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