Spring, Spring, Spring!

Welcome to March. We made it! I am so excited that January and February are over. They are tough months and I am bored of being cold and wrapping up warm. I know March can be the cruellest month but psychologically I feel better.

Thoughts turn to new beauty treats to play with. We all deserve a treat for surviving the winter. Here are some delights that have caught my eye.

If I needed another perfume (which I resolutely don't, nope, no way), then these are To Die For.

Oh so pretty. I saw these in Peter Jones last week and had a good sniff of them all and they are divine. Look at those bottles. Tell me you don't want one on your dressing table. They are part of Estee Lauder and they are gorgeous. I am lusting hard. Read more here.

Hello Lancome.

I think I've learned my lesson with make up palettes and then one comes along that throws all logic out of the window. I don't use all the colours, therefore they are not good value but look. Look at it. It's just so pretty, frivolous and girlie. It's made for Spring. It's made for bouncing through Paris in a tutu. And at £42, is it really that expensive?

Another obsession that is growing by the minute is candles. Making my home smell like a spa is important because I live near a sewage works. That's my excuse for buying Diptique candles like there is about to be a worldwide ban. I admit I did pick up a couple in the post Christmas sales which required ninja-like skills. They are £40 each and yes, that is expensive but there is just nothing as good as Diptique. And believe me in candle world, £40 is often the entry price point. I think I've fully explained myself. Let's look at the joy

Do I need to explain Eucalyptus? It's one of my favourite smells and perfect for Spring.

I love Rose and I love Geranium. So this is a no brainer.

Moss. Named after me! "all the fresh scents of the forest floor after rain" they say. Also, pretty colour.

This is one I picked up in the sale (half price!) and it's minty. It's lovely and fresh.

And I got this one in the Selfridges sale (half price!). It isn't on the Diptique site. The description of it is ridiculous but it does smell heavenly.

And finally my friend bought me this for Christmas. There is a reason she is my friend.

Jo Malone has new perfume out. My Jo Malone obsession isn't as strong as it once was but Sali Hughes reviewed this yesterday in The Guardian and now I want to investigate more. Birch and Black Pepper sounds intriguing.

I just happen to be going to Terminal 5 next week so I shall do us all a favour and check them out. Happy March!


Jenni said…
I think this might be my most favourite review of yours. EVER! xxx
MissDisco said…
The Jo Malone fragrances were a bit disappointing IMHO, I quite liked the black pepper one but not enough to actually buy it!

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