Face masks

It's nearly April and tonight the clocks spring forward. I adore Spring. The flowers, the longer evenings and light mornings, throwing off the heavy duvet, drinking coffee in the garden. It's all joyous. It's also a time to take a close look at your skin. After months of winter, dare I suggest it might look a little tired and grey? I am not being rude, I am looking in the mirror. Face masks are the way forward.

I've just come back from New York where I went into Sephora four times. Three of those times I took in colleagues who looked wide-eyed as they filled their basket with goodies. One of them recommended this face mask to me.

One minute facial. You can see how I couldn't resist despite having many face masks at my disposal. It's truly fabulous. It's slightly gritty and a strange green colour. You smooth it on, wait 60 seconds, splash on water and rinse it off. The whole thing is effortless and it makes a huge difference. Skin is all fresh and bright. It's my new favourite face mask.

I discovered the Sephora face masks in France last year. $6 each.

They have a whole range. Perfect for travelling and treating jet-lagged skin. Also perfect for amusing your partner as you wear it. Mine laughed for about 10 minutes as I lay on the bed with mine on.

I also still love the Bliss eye masks.

These pep up tired eyes a treat.

I highly recommend all of these. The Sephora masks are a steal.


Jenni said…
Am ordering the REN one this very second...
Cover Girl said…
Delighted to be of service.
Jenni said…
Am love, love, LOVING the REN! xxx
MissDisco said…
The REN one stings my face like crazy; thank God it only has to stay on for 60 secs as I'm LOVING how my skin looks afterwards!

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