Clinique Bonus Time

I used to get so excited to see those words in my 20s. I've not partaken of a bonus for some time but yesterday I met my sister for an afternoon of light shopping and gossip on Kings Road. Is there a more delightful way to spend an afternoon? I don't think so. We shopped, we lunched, we shopped some more, we went to Peter Jones for a coffee and talk turned to make-up. I was explaining that I felt I needed a foundation in my life. I've always been a tinted moisturised kind of girl, very natural, nothing too heavy. But over the last year or so, despite loving my Origins CC cream, I've felt something was missing. My sister being the wise one that she is said, well, why don't we go and look at foundations in here? So we did.

We fell upon a Clinique bonus so we stayed and looked. Clinique has so many foundations. It's overwhelming. They have a new one they are busy promoting which appears to be a foundation and concealer in one. Which confuses me. I asked for some advice and the woman was helpful. She tried a few shades on me and I ended up buying this.

In my experience, every Clinique sales assistant wants you to go darker than you are. I reined that in and ended up with Ivory. I'll report back.

I had to buy something else to receive the bonus so it just so happens I've just finished my Dramatically Different Moisturiser this week.

I am so happy that they reformulated this. It is now a complete bargain and a perfect base for make up.

And then I got to choose some gifts. I went for a bright pink nail varnish, a chubby stick in Woopin' Watermelon (which happens to be my favourite and mine is running out), Repair Wear Sculping Night Cream which costs £58 and I got a massive pot of it and a tube of face cleansing something or other. Plus  I got two extras that you don't get to choose: the Custom Smart Serum and some perfume. All in a cosmetics bag.

It's a generous deal. I had forgotten the delights of freebies. All in all, tremendously satisfying.


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