Kiehls Creme de Corps

This product gets a lot of love on beauty forums. I've always thought it looked like it would be greasy, I can't bear a body lotion that takes forever to sink in, who has the time? Anyway, last week I found myself in Terminal 5 Heathrow on a Saturday for a work trip. Clearly that meant I had to buy something to cheer myself up. I bought a small bottle of this because my skin was feeling particularly dry.

Why have I not bought this sooner? It's miraculous! It sinks in effortlessly yet skin feels properly hydrated in a way that no other body lotion has ever achieved. I now plan to buy a massive bottle of it ready to prep my scaly body for the summer. It really is wonderful and it smells nice, not over powering but pleasant. I thoroughly recommend it.


Jenni said…
I have heard very good things about this, but like you never taken the plunge (always found Body Shop Coconut body butter does a wonderful job and helps the psoriasis on my legs). However, on your recommendation (as always) am going to get a small bottle and give it a whirl!
Cover Girl said…
I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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