I have rarely seen the point of serums but times change, one gets older, fine lines appear and the inevitable happens. Serums have happened to me and I'm wondering why I waited so long. Whereas I'll spend a small fortune on Karl Lagerfeld branded cleansers, somehow I become a little more cautious about serums. They are just not that exciting and I have splashed out on the Clinique one and not seen any visible difference. So I decided to spend less.

I recently finished an Olay serum. This one:

I liked it very much. I mean, I finished it. It takes me forever to finish anything but I religiously used it every morning and it lasted a good three months or so. Seeing as how I liked it, I of course then replaced it with something else. This one:

As recommended by Sali Hughes in her Guardian column. It's ok, it's a bit runny which I find annoying. I prefer the Olay one and it was cheaper so lesson learned there.

Serums provide a great base and help moisturiser sink in better. I think of them like polyfilla.

Both are available at Boots.


Jenni said…
still in love with Chanel HydraSerum. Absolutely the best I've ever used. Sinks in instantly. And it smells divine! Oh, and I got Pebble yesterday - love it!x
Cover Girl said…
You've just reminded me that I did have that - my friend gave me hers and it was wonderfully good. IT appears to be £59 though.
Cover Girl said…
Knew you'd love Pebble!
Jenni said…
It is indeed a very large amount of money. So it's either a Birthday or Christmas gift, and even then it's either Duty Free or when House of Fraser have a 10% off all beauty products offer (which is quite often). I often find I can forego moisturiser with just this miracle balm on my face!
MissDisco said…
The Clarins Double Serum is also fabulous (I got a GWP size) but a rather hefty £55

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