Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner

I'm sorry about this, I really am. But I have found the perfect shampoo and conditioner and it's by my new favourite brand in town, Living Proof. The Perfect Hair Day has already changed my hair life but now the set is complete. I picked this up in New York last week and I am in love.

It is sulphate free which is becoming increasingly important to me as I get older. It lathers up a dream (you hardly need any) and it smells great. But importantly it just makes your hair feel great, shiny and easy to style. You need the Perfect Hair Day styling treatment as well and yes, none of it is cheap but you don't need much. And this is your hair. On your head. Being important.

You can buy Living Proof at SpaceNK but I can't see this range. They have the Full shampoo and conditioner. I have no idea what that is like but this stuff, this is magic. Read all about Living Proof here. Sephora ships to the UK now. Just saying.


MissDisco said…
There aren't many Sephoras in Douth Carolina, luckily my hissy fit was prevented by the concierge at my hotel pointing me in the direction of a shop called Ulta. I high tailed it there last night and bought the shampoo, conditioner, style extender and 5 in 1 styling cream. I can't WAIT to wash my hair!
MissDisco said…
Of course I won't be able to eat for the rest if the month but at least I'll have good hair!
Cover Girl said…
You might never need to wash it again with that lot! x

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