Origins Smarty Plants

I wasn't sure anything could replace my beloved Vitazing but I bought the Origins CC cream at the weekend after my friend said it was brilliant. I must say she is right, it's fabulous. It's miles better than the Clinique one which I do like but it is a bit drying and you have to work quite hard to make it look good. The Origins one simply glides on, blends easily, smells lovely and lasts all day. I adore Vitazing and will always have it in my make-up bag but this is good for those days where you need a bit more help than Vitazing can provide.

Walking into the Origins shop I was overwhelmed with love for the brand. Their products are so good and smell so delicious. I've not looked at them closely for ages. I very much recommend this.


Jenni said…
This is mu Vitazing winter replacement! Having been let down so badly by their BB cream (oily and yucky), this was a dream to discover. Love it.
Cover Girl said…
It's a dream. I do adore Origins.

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