Chanel No 5

This is a perfume you wait for. I have always liked it but never felt it was right for me however the other day I was in Sephora (naturally) looking for a perfume to spray on after work and before I went for cocktails. The choice is overwhelming and I sniffed quite a few but none were working for me. Time was ticking and I was going to be late so I went for the classic. I am so glad I did because I love it. Classics are classics for a reason and this is simply a beautiful scent.

Today I decided to treat myself since it was Monday and I've just had a pay day and well, damn it, I wanted it. So back to Sephora I went (a hardship I know) and I picked up a little bottle (the exact one above in fact). I am now wafting around in a cloud of Chanel No 5 and feeling super classy. It's hard to feel anything but fabulous when you are wearing Chanel. It's not a perfume for when you are 21, it's one to turn to as you get older and begin to realise that your grandmother was actually a bit of a style icon.


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