Perfume update and other stories

Today I finally tried the Dries Van Noten perfume at Liberty.

It's £150 for 100ml. Of course it is since I love nothing cheap. Predictably it's divine. Properly gorgeous and very sexy. I think the Malle fragrances have something in common. I am not enough of a nose to identify what it is but this reminded me of Lipstick Rose only more subtle. There is something heavy and sexy going on. I didn't buy it but it's on my list.

I am reliably informed that the Marni perfume is exclusive to Harrods so I've still not tried it yet. Am getting desperate though. the more exclusive something is, the more i want it. I am an advertiser's dream.

Oh, and I bought the Dr Sebaugh deep exfoliating mask (and received samples ahoy). I gave it a whirl when I got home and early signs are extremely promising. It's a gel and you apply a thick layer, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. My skin does look pink and glowing. It's tingles when it's on which is pleasing. I shall keep you posted on whether this is a one-off or necessary to your lives.


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