My Bobbi Brown order

I promised you an update. I have to say BB excels itself on customer service, I did this order online because I received a promotional email saying order over £75 worth of goods (hardly a difficult task) and they'd send a complimentary make-up palette. As you know, I can never resist a) a freebie and b) a make up palette. So onto the site I went and this is what I bought:

Luxe Sparkle Powder. Look, I don't know why ok? Except LOOK AT IT! It's beautiful. It comes in a shiny silver box that closes with a satisfying magnetic click. It has the finest texture imaginable and you dust it on and look better immediately. Less is definitely more and I believe it's aimed at brides but what the hell, I wanted it. Perfect for summer holidays and dusting of collar bones. I am loving it and it's sold out now so even if you want one - ha!

Summer is coming. No, it really is. And I need a new serious SPF for ummm, those hot sweltering days we have. At the very least I have a week in Spain so hey ho, I can use it there. I've road tested this already and it smells heavenly and sinks in beautifully so I'm a fan.

Then I ordered some more hydrating gel cream which I can't recommend enough, it gives you the perfect base for make-up and just works.

Here are the freebies I received:

Yes, all that. The palette is really nice, gorgeous colours. Eye make-up remover, a make-up brush, a mascara and a whole stash of sachets. Plus free P&P.

This is how you do it. No wonder Bobbi Brown is doing so well.


Jenni said…
I would have done the same if I'd had that email! Is the offer still on do you think?
Cover Girl said…
It was just a weekend thing but they do offers all the time. Are you on their mailing list?

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