Experimenting with perfume

Having sold much of my perfume on ebay, decided that I had more than enough and a perfume for every mood, I made the mistake of reading a perfume forum and BANG! The obsession returned with a vengeance.

No matter how much perfume a girl has, it's never enough. My friend had a significant birthday approaching and I decided she needed a Chanel Exclusifs. After much soul searching and spraying, I plumped for 31 Rue Cambon.

I have to admit, I was secretly hoping she wouldn't like it so I could keep it but no, she loved it. And who can blame her? This is like rolling around in cashmere; soft and elegant. It's a total classic and I don't know why Chanel hide it away and push that hideous new Coco they are marketing the hell out of. Although I am quite relieved they are as we don't want everyone wearing this and making it common.

I bought a sample of Rue Cambon at http://surrendertochance.com/ which is a great site. You can buy decants and decide whether or not a perfume really is right for you. While I was there, I obviously had to buy a few more. Keeping to Chanel, I decided to get Pour Monsieur as I am always on the look out for a new scent for Cover Boy.

This is totally gorgeous but not typically masculine at all, it's got that Chanel softness and the dry down is quite sweet. If I was to get a bottle of this, I'd be very happy, although Cover Boy declared it nice but sweet so the search continues.

I've been reading rave reviews of Escentric Molecule 01.

I have to tell you, tread carefully, this is addictive. It smells different on everyone. Don't believe me? Read about it here. It's the most intriguing perfume I've smelt for a long time and it lingers. I really like it. Cool bottle too. I've added it to my Christmas wish list so fingers crossed.

I bought lots of others too but these are the three I can't get enough of.


Sister and I bough Cuir de Russie for the mothership for her birthday...

Like you I have no idea why they hide their treasures away, but then I don;t know why they change lovely scents to smell cheap and nasty either!
Cover Girl said…
That was one of the other samples I got! It's gorgeous too - I've only used it a few times though so far.
Katy McKinnon said…
Tell us about the others too!!!

I'm thinking of a new perfume for Christmas, but don't know what to go for....I need ideas.

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