2012's heroes

We are reaching the end of another year and it's time to take stock. I've been having a think about products I've discovered this year and what have become staples. Here is my list.

First up is this simple Tangle Teezer. I have no idea why it took me so long to buy one of these but if you have thick hair that is prone to tangling then it's life-changing. My pink one fell in the toilet the other week so I had to replace it with a pale blue one. I got it from Amazon.

This root canal spray is what I bought after I had inches lopped off my hair. I adore it. It gives your hair a boost and is easy peasy to use. 
You know I am all about eye make-up. I've bought a lot of it this year but the one thing I am wearing every day is this old favourite from NARS - Nepal eyeshadow. It's the perfect base, easy to apply and goes with everything you layer over the top.

For fun, you can't beat the Maybelline eye tattoos. The blue one is gorgeous used as an eyeliner, the more daring may want to go full-on with it. Nothing shifts these babies until you are ready.

This was the year I finally found the perfect mascara. Estee Lauder Doublewear. It's perfection to apply, it never smudges, it lasts all day. Why did it take me this many years? My life is littered with failed mascaras but no more.

Coupled with the Liz Earle Lash Care eye base, my eyes have never been happier.
I've had a love affair with Bobbi Brown this year. The eye gels are fabulous and my navy liner is a look I frequent most days. And the other brand I've adored this year is Bliss. The pedicures are heavenly and you really must treat yourselves if you've not done so. They last far longer than a regular pedicure

I am saving my perfume musings for another post. What have you loved this year?


Sally said…
Oh, that's good to know about the Tangle Teezer. Isabel has thick, waist length hair which tangles badly - I'd seen the TT in a shop and wondered if it would do the job but it was too expensive to take a punt on it. Is it gentle? Most brushes make her shriek!
Cover Girl said…
It's very gentle. I wish I'd had it when I was young.

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