End of year beauty shop

I went to the sales briefly as I do love a beauty bargain and buying products doesn't involve changing rooms. Harvey Nichols was a treat, I've not been there for ages and the Bliss sale was excellent. I now don't need any shower gels or body lotion in 2013. No I don't. Don't let me buy any...

I love the Blood Orange scent and this pack had 40% off it. As did this one.

This Snow scent was a special Christmas one. The woman assured me there was no glitter in it but of course, there is. It's very subtle though so I am willing to forgive her. It smells lovely, very gentle and a 'clean' smell.

The Bliss body butters are perfect - they sink in beautifully and are not overpowering.

I also bought a travel sized Blood Orange set because I can never resists travel sized anything.

In other news I decided it was time I had a serum. I've always been a bit dismissive of them but time ravages on and a girl has to be realistic. I got this one from L'Oreal as it's had great reviews and it was only £10 in Boots. So far, I am liking it very much, it's very smooth with not a hint of greasiness.

The Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld eyeshadow set was half price in Harvey Nichols by the way. You'll all be proud of me as I didn't buy it. Of course I am beset with regret but I just couldn't justify it.


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