Liz Earle perfumes

I am having a Liz Earle moment. Having raved about her make-up, I'd like to discuss her perfume. I got a bottle of Botanical Essence No 1 for my birthday and it's absolutely lovely. It's not pushing the envelope in any way as it's very simple however it's delightful and a fragrance I think would suit all. You can read the long list of ingredients here. It's a scent you put on when you don't know what mood you are in. I like it very much.

I went into the Liz Earle shop again yesterday as I wanted to get more of the mascara base (if you don't have this yet, why?) and was planning to just get that but they had an offer where if you bought two make-up items, they gave you a free lip gloss. Naturally I found this irresistible so I picked some eye shadow which I've not tried yet, I'll report back. Then I was given a free Cherry lip gloss.

In addition, you also get to choose a sample. I am very impressed with Liz Earle service, you choose your own sample! Other brands could well take note. I picked the other perfume, Botanical Essence No 15. You can read the list of ingredients here.

I put this on yesterday after my shower and it's completely different to No 1. Much more complex and interesting. I was sniffing my wrist all night long. I don't think I'd get it but only because I have SO MUCH perfume that I have to fall in love completely to buy anything new but it's well worth seeking out. Given how great the service is, they'd probably just give you a sample if you ask nicely.

I can see why Liz Earle has such loyal followers. What she does, she does well with excellent service. Highly recommended.


MissDisco said…
Yes, they gave me a sample of the perfume when I said I was just browsing. I *heart* Liz Earle

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