Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

I was in New York this week and had a precious afternoon of shopping at the end of a very long three days at work. Naturally I headed for Sephora where I encountered this little beauty. I have never seen such a lightweight foundation, it literally glides on like silk. I didn't buy any because I just couldn't bring myself to get yet more foundation but I have my beady eye on it. It was very impressive. There is also an under eye concealer that I was sorely tempted by but again, I resisted.

Don't worry, I did buy lots of other things that I shall tell you about soon but this is what I keep thinking about. Therefore, as we all know, it's only a matter of time before it's mine.


Jenni said…
I was in Selfridges Birmingham on Saturday and I bought this as the colour match to my skin was unbelievable. And yes, it does feel like silk on. Love it. Also bought the Origins BB cream for days when Id on't want make up. Loving that too, and it's my winter replacement to Vitazing. Love it all.
Cover Girl said…
I still want it and you are not helping me!

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