Navy blue eyeliner

I love the internet. One of my current obsessions is Pinterest. It's a virtual way to create moodboards and bookmark your favourite posts from websites by theme but it's so pretty as it creates a picture for your bookmark. Check it out at

There is no better way to waste half an hour of your time than browsing other people's posts and what I enjoy is that you find things you didn't even know you were looking for. Which is a long-winded way to introduce the fact that I now need navy blue eyeshadow. I saw this pin above and thought oooooh, nice!

I've long loved navy and do have some gorgeous blue eyeliners but they are not quite the right hue. So I followed this pin to this page. What an informative post. Not only does the blogger recreate the look and tell us every item she uses, it also lists what Mila wore and it turns out it's all Dior. Specifically this:

I was adoring Dior eye palettes in Dec 2010. If I hadn't just got the Urban Decay set, I'd be hot footing it to get this but no, I mustn't. I shall find a cheaper alternative, I only need the navy hue anyway.

Isn't it such a divine look?

Not sure about the lashes but I am just loving that blue. And she has similar coloured eyes to me so obviously I would look just like her!


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