Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sometimes you just need to buy something you know you don't need. And so it came to pass this week. I kept reading about how fabulous the Urban Decay Naked palette was and I thought, no, no, I never use make up sets. However in a moment of weakness, I bought it and it arrived yesterday.

I have immediately changed my mind. Of course I need this, hell everyone needs this. How have I lived without it? Have I been going round with sub-standard eye make-up? It's a set of perfect, delectable colours that all go with each other. As it is Urban Decay, the pigments are spot-on, the application is easy and frankly, you could chuck away all the eye make-up you own and go with this. Why you'd do that is anyone's guess as any fool knows, you can never have enough eye shadow.

It's £35 which I think is a bargain. You get some of the primer too in a dinky travel-size. It comes in a velvet case and you can have hours of fun playing with all the colours. Also, there is a Naked 2 palette out so, you know, if you get bored with this one, you can buy that one too!



thefitwriter said…
I saw this advertised (over and over again!) on the screens running down the side of the tube escalators, was intrigued & thought it looked yum. Thanks for the review.

PS Wonder if you can be beauty detective on this: my sis had her nails done in an OPI colour, she said it was a new one but I've looked on the website and can't find it. Black with sparkly bits, a bit like marble she said...?

Cover Girl said…
Metallic for Life as reviewed here? http://www.scrangie.com/2012/02/opi-nicki-minaj-collection-spring-2012.html

Get the palette - you deserve it. x
thefitwriter said…
hm yes I think that might be the OPI, thanks! I think I need my nails done. The gym should not be a barrier to this. I think having "done" nails in the gym might become my thing. As for the palette - I might just do that next time I'm in the smoke....

Thanks X

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