Working out and staying beautiful

My project for the summer is to get fit. Too long have I sat on the couch and made excuses and I am staring down the barrel of a significant birthday (21 since you ask sweeties) and so needs must and all that. I've enlisted a personal trainer as I am sadly lacking in any motivation when left to my own devices.

My dilemma is well, the sweat. The straggly hair. The chipping of nail varnish. The lycra darlings, the lycra. Must one? When your style icon is Alexis Carrington then the notion of getting sweaty is Not Good.

In Dynasty, I remember seeing her in the Carrington gym and she looked magnificent. But if I attempt the same look I fear people will point and laugh. It involved an electric blue leotard.

I look for hints in the following: how to keep your hair off your face when running. Regular tying back of hair doesn't work in the face of wind and sweat. What's the best anti-perspirant? I don't mind sweating as needs must and it shows I am working hard but I'd like to feel I am doing my best on the sweaty front.  How can I keep my face from taking half an hour to return to its normal hue. Beetroot red is not becoming.

Any advice is welcome and I apologise for the overuse of the word 'sweat' in this post. It won't happen again.


Anonymous said…
May I?

How to keep your hair off your face when running.
- If it's long enough, up in a ponytail and if you have a fringe, a small "quiff" with a kirby grip

Regular tying back of hair doesn't work in the face of wind and sweat.
- Oh. Regular tying-back + a hair band? I have one of these

What's the best anti-perspirant?
- I like this one for the gym-bag (comes as a cream and a spray).

How can I keep my face from taking half an hour to return to its normal hue.
- Possibly time, fitness and getting used to it. Possibly....not. If you make sure you're as hydrated as possible before you start, your skin won't have to work so hard to cool you down...worth a try?
Cover Girl said…
God bless you. I shall deffo try that hair band- exactly what I need. Thank you!
Sally said…
I sometimes French braid the front sections of my hair to keep them back, and then tie the rest into a ponytail; I use two hairbands together so it is tight enough. I like these for ponytailing -

Mostly I use a non-slip alice band like these -

I use the same underarm thingamibob as everyday - it's a gel stick I get in the US. Not much help.

As for the red face, I fear it is just a matter of getting your face used to it, although I keep Eau Roma Water by Lush to spritz on and wipe off when I've finished which seems to calm it. Anything with a bit of aloe should help, surely?

Good luck!
Jenni said…
I agree with everything that 'thefitwriter' says, as I also use all of those. As for the red face, they are right that over time as you are fitter, you will heat up less. But for instant reducing of redness either Evian spray or Magicool (usually reserved for holidays) makes you FEEL less sweaty in the first few minutes after exercise as well as reducing redness. xx
Claretta said…
Embrace the sweat! I've used Mitchum unscented for years but have recently experimented with Dove's spray deoderant in cucumber and it seems to keep me dryer. I alternate between the two depending on what I'm doing. Agree with all other comments about the hair bands - that did toy with the sweaty beaty one the other day but having spent enough in there thought it would be a step to far as I have loads already. Good luck! x
Cover Girl said…
Thank you all very much. I appreciate the comments. xx

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