Body scrubs

It's the time of year beauty editors love. Pick up any woman's magazine and there will be a feature about how to get beach-ready skin in just five days! And the models will be all honeyed limbs of silky smoothness, taut and toned.

Being an optimistic soul, I believe I can achieve their perfection if I just found the right body scrub. Body scrub is a product that I don't believe the more money you spend, the better it gets. In the last few weeks I've been road testing two.

First up is Korres Basil and Lemon scrub. Lovely scent of course and a pretty good scrub - a good all-rounder. You could do a lot worse and it's not overly expensive but it's not cheap either - £12.

Then I bought Good Works scrub in Boots. Weirdly it wasn't with all the other scrubs. In my Boots it was by the water filters! Who knows what the logic of that is.

It smells divine. It's packed with essential oils and is gorgeous. It's much grittier than the Korres one and if you have sensitive skin, it might be too much. I found it fantastic on my feet which are now baby-smooth.

So I may not have a taut, toned and perfect body like the models but my feet at least are looking good!


Jenni said…
I am personally in love with Soap and Glory Sugar Scrub. It smells just like a Margueritta, so inevitably it makes me smile every time I use it, and because it's main exfoliant is sugar and not nut husks, it doesn't block up my drains as the sugar dissolves. Now I know that sounds a bit OCD, but my previous scrub of choice was from Origins which as we know, isn't cheap, but a year after using it, that cost was compounded with a bill for drain unblockers as my shower drain was completely blocked with said body scrub!!
Jenni said…
Ooh, I meant to say on my earlier comment, I was flicking through a Sunday paper supplement while sat in a waiting room today, and it had a feature called the 'Glosscars', about some of the best beauty products so far this year. Im sure if you Google it you can find it, but I found it quite interesting, as its based on users feedback rather than just beauty editors (who I feel always have a biased position, as they get exposed to so many lovely products, how do they determine exactly which one made the difference?! The results must surely be skewed?!).
Cover Girl said…
I did not know about potential drain blocking. Thanks for the tip. How much were you using?!

And it was Sunday Times Style I think. I got it yesterday for the Jaeger voucher. Agree that all beauty editors are highly paid - by Sisley it seems! They always recommend it.

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