Sometimes you just need to spend some money

It was time to go and sweep the Peter Jones beauty department today. As I have said, I've wanted some purple mascara for a while. I went to MAC where there was NO SIGN of any Wonder Woman stuff. Woe.

Instead I went to YSL in Peter Jones and got this in Burgundy.

I also got these three products from Origins.

I then got this hand cream for CoverBoy as it's his favourite.

And a friend recommended this.

And so I came home happy with my haul. Can't wait to try the mascara. Full reporting will occur.


Kate said…
I love burgundy mascaras! They really make your eyes pop. I use the Plum BadGal one by Benefit & my lashes end up super long. Looking forward to your review of the YSL one as my current one is running out. xx
Cover Girl said…
I shall be road testing it tomorrow. Watch this space.
Jenni said…
What is Badgerblam? x
Cover Girl said…
It's got essential oils in it, you rub it on your temples at bed time and it helps you sleep. I don't need massive help sleeping as I am usually out like a light but at £4 I thought it was worth it!

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