RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has always been a bit of a figure of fun to me. It's easy to forget how gorgeous she was. Look at this photo.

It's timeless. I love everything about it, including that coral lipstick. Wonder where I can get one in that shade? As if I could ever rock it like Liz though.

Famous for her love with Richard Burton, I just did a Google to look at some pictures of them. Oh my word. Smokin'! This one is so glamorous. We can only dream of looking so elegant, sexy and amazing all in one photo.

I think this one is so cute and relaxed. Loving her outfit here too.

And this one is gorgeous - a holiday snapshot by the looks of it. Look at her earrings! What a woman.

I know this has little to do with make-up (except the lipstick!) but I think when a Hollywood legend dies,  you take a moment to remember why they were legendary. RIP Liz. Hope you're somewhere with Richard.


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