Nail colour of the week

I had to do my own nails today. Yes. What is the world coming to? My lovely lady was all booked up and couldn't fit me in. So I trekked home, had a much-needed bath (will tell you about my new bubble bath soon) and painted my nails in a colour I picked up in New York called Miami Nice. See what they did there?

It does bring to mind beautiful beaches and sunshine so it is suitable to cheer me up on a grey miserable February day. More of a toe colour perhaps? Am liking it so far though.


Jenni said…
I love love LOVE the look of it! You're quite right about it cheering you up on dull grey days. I had a mani at the weekend, and amazingly, 4 days on, after countless handwashing, washing up sans gloves etc it's still looking great and not chipped. And why? Because i took my OWN nail varnish (Essie Jazz) and my OWN topcoat (Seche Vite), and educated my manicurist on the virtues of said products while she 'oooohed' and 'aahhhed' over them! ha ha! However, I do now wish I had your Essie bottle shown here because nails in that colour would have been making me smile all day! x
Cover Girl said…
Essie Jazz you say?


Ahhh, still after that elusive perfect neutral J?!
Jenni said…
Ha ha! Actually, no. I have come to embrace a number of neutrals since you sent me my little NY gift. I now have 4 neutrals which I interchange, depending on the outfit Im wearing (one has sparkles, one has pink undertones, one has blue, and one is very matt). I think the search for 'the one' means i never actually stop to enjoy the variables I already have! Well, that's my virtuous position at the moment. And I reserve the right to change that position at any given moment, or any new release of the next neutral ;0) x
Cover Girl said…
One can never have enough nail varnish darling.

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