That Gal - Benefit

Being at the airport for work on a Sunday necessitates a small spend I think we can all agree. Since the top I liked in Reiss wasn't available in my size, I bought this. I don't know why.  I think it was the prospect of a three-day conference, bad food and no sleep. I felt my skin might need some help.

This is a primer but you can wear it by itself which is what I did. It's got an ingenious way of dispensing, you twist the bottom and it comes out of little holes at the top. Literally minutes of fun to be had!

It's good. It brightens up your complexion and it's not heavy at all. I recommend it. Only £17 duty-free which I consider a bargain.


I've always imagined this would be a bit rubbish to be honest, so I'm glad you found it to be quite good! Next time I go on my holidays, it will be one to check out :).


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