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I've not tried a new mascara for ages which is a bit slack of me so I have given two a road test in the last few weeks.

First up Maybelline - The Falsies. Yes it really is called that. I picked this up in America where Maybelline is priced correctly unlike over here. It cost about $5. I rather liked this once I managed to apply it but it isn't easy to apply. Smudge-o-rama. The cotton buds were out in full to mop up my mistakes. However, this does make your lashes look longer, there is no doubt. But, application is key and I don't think I can recommend this. It's also hard work to get it off at the end of the day.

Next up, No 7 Exceptional Definition. Now, I never learn my lesson with No 7 mascara. This time I was tempted with the offer of a eye shadow palette if I bought the mascara. Look how pretty it is. How could I resist?

So I bought the mascara. And it's a complete waste of time. It's so underpowered. I put on four coats and peered into the mirror thinking 'surely I must be able to see some thickening or lengthening or something'. Nope. It's rubbish. But the eye palette is lovely and I would happily wear all the colours. So basically it was £12 for an eye palette. The mascara will be consigned to the bin (unless anyone wants it) and I shall now officially never buy No 7 mascara again. Also, where do they get the price from? It's Boots for goodness sake. If I want to spend £12 on a mascara, I shall go to Clinique.

I've just placed a big order at Lookfantastic. A great site by the way. They give you loads of freebies when you buy things. And I am quite excited about one purchase in particular. I shall report back.


Laura said…
I bought a couple of No 7 mascaras back when I worked as a Saturday girl in Boots (so 1999-2001) and they were so rubbish that I haven't bought any since!

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