Nail varnish

Continuing my summer theme. It's important to have sunny colours for this time of year. Deep reds have no place on summer feet (or hands).

Here are my top colours for the sunshine.

Jam n Jelly - Essie - gorgeous bright pink. This is a funky, slightly shimmery pink. I am wearing it on my hands at the moment.

Clam Bake
- Essie - I can't wear corals but if you can, this is gorgeous. Perfect on tanned feet.

Footloose - Essie - named after a classic Summer film, how can it not deliver? A perfect purple.

Blue nail varnish can look fabulous on toes. I think this only works if you have tanned feet or you run the risk of looking dead. Opi do a great blue. Add a bikini and a cocktail and you're laughing.


MissDisco said…
I have bright blue toe nails at the moment but not the tanned feet! However, they still manage to look summery and at least I can pretend that I'm in an exotic location rather than SE London!
MissDisco said…
I was looking for Essie nail polish the other day but couldn't find any. where sells it?
Cover Girl said…
John Lewis, Harrods - and they have a great online presence but buying nail polish online is a nightmare!
Foreigner said…
I had blue toe-nails for years!
It was only the move out here that prompted a change and they are now French. Still miss the blue occasionally though...

Ruby and Millie do some nice blues, and I think MAC do a nice navy.

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