Birthday beauty haul

It was my birthday two weeks ago. It was hard to miss if you are vaguely acquainted with me. I like to announce my birthday and give everyone plenty of notice to go shopping. I did very well on the beauty haul this year. My lovely sister knows me so well. She got me a tub of Molton Brown bath soak. Which is really very yummy. It turns the water a beautiful blue and it has a subtle, clean scent. I just had a bath with it and feel very relaxed. Which it promised me. And it looks pretty in the bathroom.

She also got me Ren Rose body scrub. Oh me, oh my. Regular readers will know my love of the rose scent. I've not used it yet but I cannot wait to break into it this weekend in the shower.

And she got me (I know, I am lucky) some blue nail varnish. Now how could she have thought I wanted that? Hmmmmmm. Essie, Mesmerize which is a very pretty denim blue. My toes are twinkling in it.

So special thank you to the best sister a girl could have. Another very sweet friend got me a Penhaligons taster set. It comes in a dinky tin and has several scents in it - like a cool chemistry set.

So I am delighted to report that I shall be smelling fabulous over the next few months.


Susannaahhh said…
So... are you going to post reviews of these Penhaligon's samples?
MissDisco said…
Yes, we need a review of those please!
Cover Girl said…
okay, give me time and the reviews will come.
Foreigner said…
Well I didn't know it was your birthday!
Happy belated birthday CG.
Your blue toes sound fabulous and so does that bath soak! Mmmmm.
Cover Girl said…
Thank you Foreigner. You must have missed my birthday - not sure how you managed that!

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