Lipstick - the holy grail

I don't wear lipstick. Not because I don't like it but because I find it becomes a mess very easily. It doesn't stay put, you leave lipstick marks on coffee cups. This may provide inspiration for great Take That songs but it's annoying in real life.

Every now and then I buy a lipstick and then remember why I don't wear them. Today I was in Boots browsing the make up and was buttonholed by an OFL*. She told me all about the new Revlon colourstay lipsticks. I had read about these and thought they sounded worthy of investigation. The usual promise - this lipstick lasts all day. So she let me test some and I must say, it glided on beautifully. And they had a £2 off offer on and I am a soft touch. So I bought one in 'nude'. I got home after a hard few hours' shopping and can confirm the lipstick was still there. It did feel a tad drying though. Is there anything worse than scuffy lips? Urgh. It didn't give me scuffy lips but I felt it could be in danger of doing so in the winter.

I shall report back on how I get on with it. I also looked hard for Opi nail varnish but no joy. Apart from Selfridges, where else sells it? Not online, a real shop. Anyone?

*OFL = Orange Faced Lady


catieb said…
As far as i'm aware larger boots stores sell Opi, however i've only ever seen the treatments in there. Perhaps check online to see if there's a branch of Sallys hair & beauty near you, i know they deffo sell the colour range. xx
Vickie said…
I've only ever seen Opi in salons...try having a look in windows as you pass and see if they have a display?

I don't wear lipstick either, for all your reasons. I always find lipstick (and gloss) wears off me within an hour. And I hate the drying, scuffy effect of last-all-day ones. The original Max Factor one is good, but drying.
MissDisco said…
Why wear lipstick when there are millions of lovely lip glosses around? Still, I know what you mean about them only lasting a nanosecond ...... but they are so lovely, I'm still working my way through my Tarte collection.
Sally said…
If the Revlon's anything like the MAC version, put balm on over the top to stop it drying out - that's what I do, it works a treat and stops the colour looking too dull at the same time.

I also rediscovered Lipcote recently and was able to start wearing lipstick. I always seem to get hair stuck to my mouth when I use gloss...
Cover Girl said…
Thanks for the comments. Disco, I am channeling a matte look for my lips at the moment. So no lipglosses for the time being!

I put on my Revlon this morning. Spent all day being very busy and eating various foodstuffs, had a bath and washed my hair. Looked in the mirror and realised the lipstick was STILL ON! No drying. Am impressed, if a little freaked.
Foreigner said…
I keep buying lipstick and then remember that my laziness level outweighs the height of my maintenance. I just can't keep on with the reapplying! I always forget.

That said, I've found MACs Russian Red is a lovely matte with fantastic staying power - not that much retouching needed at all, even after eating. Though it does leave marks on coffee cups and such.

I'm with Vickie re finding Opi in salons rather than shops.

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