Is anyone else slightly perturbed by how targeted digital advertising is? It's so pernicious, you only have to click on Hush once and that t-shirt pops up for the next eight weeks on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Bobbi Brown pops up with 'take another look' and a picture of the very eyeshadow you're doing your best to resist.

Glossier launched a few months back and clearly I am the target audience because I could not escape it. The thing is, I am not the target audience. This is aimed at the much-maligned millennials. It didn't stop me succumbing to see what all the fuss was about.

The cloud paints are beautifully named. We all know I cannot resist a blusher. I tried hard to not buy this but in the end, I had to have a looksie. I bought it in Puff which is very pink and it's really nice. I think I prefer it to the NARS Liquid Orgasm which I liked at first but I've decided it's actually too pigmented. This you can build up or just leave sheer.

The lidstars are for your eyes. Again, it's about building up to intense colour or having a wash of colour. I bought Herb which is described as a smoky green. The day I resist green eyeshadow will be the day I give up on life. Anyway, it's a doddle to apply and it stays on all day long.

I'm not remotely tempted by the skincare range as I honestly think it's for 20-somethings and my skin concerns are not those of a 20-something.

I am not sure I'd buy anything else but the two products I got are surprisingly good.


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