A round up of a few recent products

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front but rest assured, not on the buying and trying products front. I don't have enough to say about these to warrant a separate post so I am bundling together.

Let's start with Clarins extra firming day cream. I bought this on one of those days when I felt vulnerable and I shouldn't have even been in the department store because I am a liability. Nonetheless, this had caught my eye in the press. It's expensive for a moisturiser, £58. I bought a shower gel as well and received some very generous gifts which helped me feel better about the price. 

This is good. There are two types to buy: for dry skin or all skin types, I went for all skin types. It does feel lovely and my skin looks nice and plump. No issues with applying make up over it either. Would I buy it again? Probably not but it's a lovely treat.

On the same day, I purchased this hydrating eye cream from Bobbi Brown. I needed this even less in my life but it's surprisingly excellent and that's all down to the packaging. I admit I am lazy, messing about with pots and tubes to add eye cream is often a step I can't be bothered with. This is so easy, swipe on and it gives you just the right amount. It's great for travels, it's fab for your handbag to pep your eyes up in the office mid-afternoon. I am genuinely loving it. Also, I have finally accepted I do need an eye cream having resisted them for years. Woe.

I bought a few bits and pieces online from La Roche-Posay which is fast becoming my favourite new brand. This is a face cleanser that I need for the shower. Yes, I need a cleanser for the shower, doesn't everyone? It's great, it does exactly what I need it to do without any dryness whatsoever. It also smells nice and French. I recommend this and it's inexpensive considering the size.


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